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Kenmore Roof Cleaning Service

Kenmore roof cleaning serviceRoof moss and debris are an eye-sore that can damage your roofing material if not removed. Debris holds in moisture and promotes rotting and deterioration.

We offer competitive roof cleaning prices and fantastic, top-to-bottom service in Kenmore, WA. When completed, we leave your house and siding looking great. Our experienced and safety conscious roof cleaners gently clean while using proper safety equipment.

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Kenmore Roof Moss Removal Service

Roof air blowing, gentle roof moss brushing, and roof power washing are the three main methods we use to clean and remove moss. The method used depends on your roof’s overall condition as well as the extent or moss growth. Afterwards, we recommend applying a zinc roof moss killer treatment to prevent future growth.

We offer service to residential homes and commercial buildings up to three stories tall in Kenmore, WA. We clean asphalt shingles/composition, cement tile, and metal roofs.

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Kenmore Roof Power Washing: Pressure Washing

Roof power washing and moss removalRoof power washing can make an old home look new. Slime, dirt, discolorations, moss, and algae can be removed from your composition shingles, cedar shakes, or metal roof with our power washing service. Call today for a quick, free estimate.

Roof Moss Killer Treatment: Zinc sulfate

Roofs can start growing moss very quickly if they go untreated. Moss treatments kill off moss and make it difficult for it to return. Applying a treatment annually is a safe way to go. If you get a lot of shade, you may want to apply zinc twice a year.

Kenmore Roof Air Blow Cleaning

Roof air blowing is an effective method to remove pine needles, leaves, and branches. Getting your roof blown off will allow water to properly flow into your gutters, and will make your home look nice and tidy.

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Roof cleaning air blowing moss removal for Kenmore

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